Date Call ModeRST (S)RST (R)BandCountry Station
21/09/20 NØTEL FM5959AO-91United States N4DCW
21/09/20 KX3C FM5959AO-91United States N4DCW
21/09/20 YV5NEA FM5959AO-91Venezuela N4DCW
21/09/20 NDØC FM5959AO-91United States N4DCW
20/09/20 K4DCA FM5959SO-50United States Of America N4DCW
20/09/20 K4DCA FM5959AO-27United States N4DCW
19/09/20 KI7UNJ SSB5959XW-2AUnited States N4DCW
19/09/20 W6D SSB5959RS-44United States N4DCW
19/09/20 NØTEL SSB5959RS-44United States N4DCW
10/09/20 N1JEZ SSB5959RS-44United States N4DCW
10/09/20 N5BO/R SSB5959RS-44United States Of America N4DCW
06/09/20 N5BO SSB5959XW-2AUnited States N4DCW
06/09/20 AI4IC SSB5959XW-2AUnited States N4DCW
06/09/20 W7Y CW5959XW-2AUnited States N4DCW
03/09/20 NØTEL FM5959AO-91United States N4DCW
12/08/20 KI4SIY SSB5959XW-2AUnited States N4DCW
11/08/20 N3XUL FM5959AO-27United States Of America N4DCW
11/08/20 KC9BKA SSB5959CAS-4BUnited States Of America N4DCW
10/08/20 W4IPA SSB5959CAS-4BUnited States N4DCW
10/08/20 N3XUL FM5959AO-27United States N4DCW
10/08/20 K7VNE FM5959AO-27United States N4DCW
10/08/20 AC9E FM5959AO-27United States N4DCW
10/08/20 N6UTC FM5959AO-27United States N4DCW
07/08/20 N7EGY FM5959AO-91United States Of America N4DCW
07/08/20 4A15DXXE FM5959AO-91Mexico N4DCW