Date Call ModeRST (S)RST (R)BandCountry Station
12/08/21 XE2RV CW5959RS-44Mexico N4DCW
11/08/21 EA8TL SSB5959RS-44Canary Islands N4DCW
11/08/21 EA8/EA4NF SSB5959RS-44Canary Islands N4DCW
11/08/21 KE9AJ SSB5959RS-44United States N4DCW
04/08/21 VE1CWJ SSB5959RS-44Canada N4DCW
25/07/21 EA4NF SSB5959AO-7Spain N4DCW
16/07/21 KØFFY SSB5959CAS-4AUnited States N4DCW
10/07/21 NDØC SSB5959CAS-4BUnited States N4DCW
10/07/21 KI4SIY SSB5959CAS-4BUnited States N4DCW
10/07/21 XE1MYO SSB5959CAS-4BMexico N4DCW
07/07/21 WY7AA SSB5959CAS-4BUnited States N4DCW
04/07/21 NDØC SSB5959XW-2AUnited States N4DCW
16/06/21 KE9AJ SSB5959XW-2AUnited States N4DCW
23/05/21 KJ7NDY SSB5959CAS-4AUnited States N4DCW
16/05/21 N6DNM SSB5959CAS-4AUnited States N4DCW
13/05/21 N6DNM SSB5959CAS-4AUnited States N4DCW
03/05/21 WL7T/P SSB5959AO-7United States N4DCW
02/05/21 WL7T/P SSB5959RS-44United States N4DCW
01/05/21 WL7T/P SSB5959AO-7United States Of America N4DCW
01/05/21 WL7T/P SSB5959RS-44United States N4DCW
24/04/21 KEØWPA FM5959AO-91United States Of America N4DCW
09/04/21 WL7T/P SSB5959RS-44United States N4DCW
06/04/21 VE1CWJ SSB5959RS-44Canada N4DCW
06/04/21 KD9RDO FM5959AO-27United States N4DCW
06/04/21 WD9EWK FM5959AO-27United States N4DCW